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Leading separate lives away from our siblings means that some aspects of a life long history are only discovered at the funeral.

I started to ponder my Funeral when at my 50th Birthday Celebration, two of my siblings decided to do a speech.

They showed a large A4 picture of me at 13, shower cap on the head, up close and personal with the mirror squeezing a pimple. One of my friends was silently mouthing to me"what are they doing??"

I just grinned but the thought did enter my head "OMG! theses are the people who could be doing my FUNERAL!" Bit sad when all anyone can come up with after 50 years is a pic of a gawky teenager.

I've led a wonderful and interesting and far from sheltered existence.

Traveled to many countries, backpacked, white water rafted many times, abseiled, paragliding, owned many businesses and pushed boundaries and had loads of fun!

I would want an overall picture at my passing, of a well lived in life. Preplanning lets you decide how your lifelong journey will be portrayed.

Our job is to provide a personalized ceremony full of warmth, interest and love that family and friends can relate to as being " yes that just like him/her!/myblog-links